979TREX 44 ROLL CAGERoll cage designed for the TREX. 1,000.001 PRODUCT INFO
999MAGA HYBRID MOWING ATTACHMENT22in Mowing attachment. 1,500.001 PRODUCT INFO
1002ROBOTIC TRIMMER ARM ATTACHMENTRTA (Robotic Trimmer Attachment) engineered for the Hybrid GOAT 22T. It comes with a high torque electric trimmer. The height of the RTA is controlled with the remote control. This part is only for one arm attachment not two.1,500.001 PRODUCT INFO
1010BULLS EYE 8It is a robotic bulls eye attachment for the MAGA. The Bulls Eye diameter are 8 inches. This is ideal for target practice on a moving object. The attachment comes complete ready to mount to a MAGA80.002 PRODUCT INFO
1254TREX COLLISION AVOIDANCE PACKAGEThe TCA (TREX COLLISSION AVOIDANCE) Package has been engineer and designed for the TREX platform to avoid collisions. It comprises with sonar and soft bumpers.1,000.003 PRODUCT INFO
1430TREX STRONG HITCHTREX very strong hitch mount. Engineered for a ball hitch.200.000 PRODUCT INFO
1439AIMS (ADVANCE ITELEGENT MOBILE SYSTEM)AIMS (ADVANCE INTELLIGENT MOBILE SYSTEM. AIMS is Evatech Proprietary autonomous package for our Robots. It has the ability to learn patterns. It can comprise of LiDAR, GPS, SONAR, ACCELEROMETERS, GYROS, DEEP LEARNING and custom sensors depending on our clients need. 8,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
1510TREX Winch PackageTREX Wich Package1,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
1512PEACE MAKER ROBOTIC ATTACHMENTPeace Maker Robotic Attachment40,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
1626TREX RTA ONE ARMTREX RTA ONE. High Power Robotic Trimmer Attachment.2,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
169936TS Mowing Deck Attachment36 TS MOWING DECK ATTACHMENT Cutting width 33in. It consist of 3 blades connected by belt. Product designed for GOAT 36TS unit ID 14312,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
1773LASER LEVELING SYSTEMLaser Leveling System design for a plow.5,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
194322T Plow Attachment with Power Thrust22T Plow Attachment with Power Thrust. 36in width comes with linear actuator. Remote controls lowers and raises the plow. Plow comes with side shoes and smart ground sensing mechanism. Plow good ideal for GOAT 22 1,500.002 PRODUCT INFO
2019SNOW PLOW FOR TREX 44Snow plow for TREX 441,500.000 PRODUCT INFO
2040PLOW ATTACHMENT WITH POWER TRUST FOR RCLM AND MAGAThe MAGA plow attachment is excellent for snow removal. It comes with an actuator that lowers and raises the plow remotely. Plow width is 28in. It works with any RCLM or MAGA series940.001 PRODUCT INFO
2063PLOW ATTACHMENTStrong Plow Attachment. Height of plow controlled via linear actuator. Plow position is fixed engineered for pushing dirt or like matter. Fits all GOAT series. 1,500.000 PRODUCT INFO
2266ROBOTIC BROOM ATTACHMENTRobotic Broom Attachment for MAGA and RCLM450.000 PRODUCT INFO
2267Universal Actuator Arm for RCLM and MAGAUniversal Actuator Arm for RCLM and MAGA. This universal arm enables the user to adapt to endless number of applications400.000 PRODUCT INFO
228222T Hitch22T Rear Hitch60.000 PRODUCT INFO
2526TREX One inch Deck Extention KitTREX One inch Deck Extension Kit160.000 PRODUCT INFO
2636SAW SHARK, Requires Attacment 1510SAW SHARK Attachment for TREX. Engineered and Designed to cut 10 inch trees.2,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
2655RDS, Robotic Disinfectant Sprayer for GOAT 22TRDS, Robotic Disinfectant Sprayer for GOAT 22T1,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
2700GOAT 22X Flail Mower AttachmentGOAT 22X Flail Mower Attachment2,500.000 PRODUCT INFO
2769Pull / Push Plow weed Removal AttachmentPull / Push Plow weed Removal Attachment. Ideal for GOAT 22T, and GOAT 22X plows500.000 PRODUCT INFO