33781Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TIowa Progress Video
33771Heavy duty 22 inch Tempered Steel BladeSouth Carolina Progress Video
33771Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TSouth Carolina Progress Video
33751BULLS EYE 8RI Progress Video
33751MAGARI Progress Video
3373222T Drive Sproket AssemblyKY Progress Video
33732Motor BracketKY Progress Video
33721Complete Deck for Goat 22 and 22T (3 pcs)Ontario Progress Video
33721Elevation handleOntario Progress Video
33721Elevation PlateOntario Progress Video
33721Parallel Link BarOntario Progress Video
3371122T Plow Attachment with Power ThrustOhio Progress Video
33692Electrical Engineering Development ServicesOntario Progress Video
33681Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 2291530 SERMAISE Progress Video
33671Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlatePA Progress Video
33666Mechanical Engineering ServicesIN Progress Video
33662Key for 22T Sproket, 1/4 x 3/16 Key Stock, Length 1.100 /- .005IN Progress Video
3366222T Sprocket AssemblyIN Progress Video
33664Mowing Deck BracketIN Progress Video
33662Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateIN Progress Video
33642Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateWV Progress Video
33611TREX 44VA Progress Video
33591TREX Extra Large Gas TankTexas Progress Video
33591TREX Left RTA Cutting Arm Texas Progress Video
33591TREX Right RTA Cutting ArmTexas Progress Video
33591TREX 44Texas Progress Video
33574DC Electric Motor CouplersN Progress Video
33561Hybrid RCLM2009 S classTN Progress Video
33541Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TIN Progress Video
33521HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 22XCA Progress Video
33521Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TCA Progress Video
33511TREX 44GA Progress Video
33471Futaba 4YF transmitterTN Progress Video
33441Track tensioner partNH Progress Video
33421HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 32CO Progress Video
33411Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TIndiana Progress Video
3340222T Sprocket AssemblyWV Progress Video
333927 in Front WheelsArizona Progress Video
33381Futaba 6J transmitterPetah Tikva Progress Video
33371RCLM Circuit BoardFL Progress Video
33371GOAT 22, 22T, and RCLM SKULLFL Progress Video
33361TREX 44 ROLL CAGEVirginia Progress Video
33342GOAT RIGHT ANGLE MOTORSFlorida Progress Video
3332122T Circuit BoardNagasaki Progress Video
3332140 Amp 12V DC relayNagasaki Progress Video
33322GOAT RIGHT ANGLE MOTORSNagasaki Progress Video
33301Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TGA Progress Video
33291Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TMA Progress Video
33261Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TPuerto Rico Progress Video
3323122T Circuit BoardWest Virginia Progress Video
33221Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TOR Progress Video
33211Electrical Engineering Development ServicesPA Progress Video
33201Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TTN Progress Video
33194Spindle Blade driver assembly 9018OK Progress Video
33191Swisher 44 blade set 9036OK Progress Video
33192Pulley 6 in for Blade driver assembly. Machine DownOK Progress Video
33192Belt Idler 2 3/4 in OD - 5/8 BoreOK Progress Video
33182Motor BracketNC Progress Video
3318222T Drive Sproket AssemblyNC Progress Video
3317122T HitchWV Progress Video
33161Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TWV Progress Video
33152GOAT RIGHT ANGLE MOTORSIndiana Progress Video
33141Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Washington Progress Video
331227 in Front WheelsOntario Progress Video
33101GOAT 22T ROLL CAGEWest Virginia Progress Video
33091Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22AL Progress Video
330870Electrical Engineering Development ServicesTexas Progress Video
3308100Software Engineering Development SevicesTexas Progress Video
33081HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 22XTexas Progress Video
330710Mechanical Engineering ServicesFlorida Progress Video
33062Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateNC Progress Video
33051Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22MD Progress Video
33041Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TWest Virginia Progress Video
33031Briggs and Stratton Small Engine Gas CapOntario Progress Video
33021Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Utah Progress Video
33011MAGAIndiana Progress Video
32991Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22PA Progress Video
32981Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TCA Progress Video
32971TREX 44 ROLL CAGETN Progress Video
32971TREX 44TN Progress Video
329611Electrical Engineering Development ServicesGA Progress Video
32951TREX STRONG HITCHGA Progress Video
32952Belt Idler 2 3/4 in OD - 5/8 BoreGA Progress Video
32952Spindle Blade driver assembly 9018GA Progress Video
32951Ogura clutchGA Progress Video
32861Deck Engine ReinforcementHawaii Progress Video
32853Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateWV Progress Video
32846Mechanical Engineering Services Progress Video
3283240 Amp 12V DC relayVirginia Progress Video
32824Long Deck Bracket, OptionHawaii Progress Video
3278122T Circuit BoardVirginia Progress Video
32771Dual Trimmer Arm Vertical Movement (RTA)Petah Tikva Progress Video
32771Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22T SOLARPetah Tikva Progress Video
32762GOAT RIGHT ANGLE MOTORS SETIndiana Progress Video
32762Motor BracketIndiana Progress Video
3276222T Drive Sproket AssemblyIndiana Progress Video
32758Electrical Engineering ServicesOK Progress Video
32741Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TTn. Progress Video
32731Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22THawaii Progress Video
3272222T Sprocket AssemblyIndiana Progress Video
3272222T Front Wheel AssemblyIndiana Progress Video
32704Long Deck Bracket, OptionHawaii Progress Video
32681Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22CA Progress Video
326626 inch Wide Rubber track 160x28x87.63 TNSTN Progress Video
32652Mechanical Engineering ServicesNC Progress Video
32641TREX 44LA Progress Video
32611Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Oklahoma Progress Video
32591Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22KY Progress Video
3257122T HitchAR Progress Video
32571Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TAR Progress Video
32561Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TTN Progress Video
32551TREX 44South Caroline Progress Video
32551TREX 44 ROLL CAGESouth Caroline Progress Video
32541GOAT 22X Heavy Duty trailer HitchDelaware Progress Video
32541HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 22XDelaware Progress Video
3253122T Circuit BoardRoss Shire Progress Video
32511GOAT 22T Radio Controller BoxTN Progress Video
32491TREX 44Virginia Progress Video
32492Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TVirginia Progress Video
32481Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22AL Progress Video
32472ROBOTIC TRIMMER ARM ATTACHMENTHiroshima-ken Progress Video
32451Hybrid RCLM2009 S classNewfoundland Progress Video
32441Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TN Progress Video
3242225 inch by 3/8 inch V Belt 15250Hiroshima-ken Progress Video
3242322 inch Blade 3/8 center hole, Temper steelHiroshima-ken Progress Video
32421Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22THiroshima-ken Progress Video
32411Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22T Progress Video
3240122T Circuit BoardPA Progress Video
32362Heavy duty 22 inch Tempered Steel BladeHI Progress Video
32362Belt Idler 2 3/4 in OD - 5/8 BoreHI Progress Video
32351Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TWV Progress Video
32341Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22NSW Progress Video
32331Robo CrawlerNSW Progress Video
32321Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TArkasas Progress Video
3231122T HitchTN Progress Video
32301Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22T SOLARFlorida Progress Video
32281Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TTN Progress Video
32251HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 22XCA Progress Video
32231Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TNC Progress Video
32221Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22CT Progress Video
32201SkullFL Progress Video
32171GOAT 22 Shop Vacuum HolderHawaii Progress Video
32171GOAT 22 Roll CageHawaii Progress Video
32174Long Deck Bracket, OptionHawaii Progress Video
32171Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Hawaii Progress Video
32161Hybrid RCLM2009 S classFlorida Progress Video
32142TREX 44Hawaii Progress Video
32141TREX 44 ROLL CAGEHawaii Progress Video
32144TREX One inch Deck Extention KitHawaii Progress Video
32131Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Ohio Progress Video
32091Custom Powder Coating Labor Arkansas Progress Video
32091MAGA HYBRID MOWING ATTACHMENT Arkansas Progress Video
32081Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TA-4460 Losenstein Progress Video
32072GOAT RIGHT ANGLE MOTORS SETHawaii Progress Video
32061RCLM Circuit BoardMD Progress Video
32051Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Hawaii Progress Video
32051Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22T SOLARHawaii Progress Video
32031MAGA Arkansas Progress Video
32011Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Tkentucky Progress Video
3200122T Robot High Torque 24V DC motor 61:1 ratioMississippi Progress Video
31981Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22NC Progress Video
31972Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateWest Virginia Progress Video
31951Hybrid RCLM2009 S classOR Progress Video
31941TREX SUPER BRAIN DUAL 480HPHawaii Progress Video
31931TREX SUPER BRAIN DUAL 480HPChiba Progress Video
3192122T HitchTN Progress Video
31921Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TTN Progress Video
31914Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateIN Progress Video
31861Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TGA Progress Video
3184222T Circuit BoardNagasaki Progress Video
3181122T Plow Attachment with Power ThrustCA Progress Video
31811Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TCA Progress Video
3181122T HitchCA Progress Video
31811Pull / Push Plow weed Removal AttachmentCA Progress Video
31701TREX 44Texas Progress Video
31691Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TSingapore Progress Video
31691Pull / Push Plow weed Removal AttachmentSingapore Progress Video
3169122T Plow Attachment with Power ThrustSingapore Progress Video
3166122 inch Blade 3/8 center hole, Temper steelOH Progress Video
3166125 inch by 3/8 inch V Belt 15250OH Progress Video
31652Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateIndiana Progress Video
31641TREX 44CA Progress Video
31621Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22CH Progress Video
31613Electrical Engineering Servicespa Progress Video
31601Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateKY Progress Video

12550July 23, 2021Shipped
12401July 19, 2021InstallAlmost complete
12235July 15, 2021Machining
12234July 15, 2021Machining
12233July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 970 is complete
12232July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 362 is complete
12231July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 2816 is complete
12230July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 336 is complete
12229July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 2817 is complete
12228July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 353 is complete
12227July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 1540 is complete
12226July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 305 is complete
12225July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 306 is complete
12224July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 2465 is complete
12223July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 335 is complete
12222July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 2164 is complete
12221July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 1536 is complete
12220July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 333 is complete
12219July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 332 is complete
12218July 15, 2021MachiningPart No. 1316 is complete
11971June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 2596 is complete
11970June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 2594 is complete
11969June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 1271 is complete
11968June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 1270 is complete
11967June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 1268 is complete
11966June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 1269 is complete
11965June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 1267 is complete
11964June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 745 is complete
11963June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 2768 is complete
11962June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 1266 is complete
11961June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 750 is complete
11960June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 744 is complete
11959June 29, 2021Welding
11958June 29, 2021Welding
11957June 29, 2021WeldingPart No. 752 is complete
11948June 29, 2021PlasmaPart No. 380 is complete
11895June 24, 2021WeldingPart No. 773 is complete
11894June 24, 2021WeldingPart No. 746 is complete
11684June 22, 2021WeldingPart No. 2361 is complete
11683June 22, 2021WeldingPart No. 2383 is complete
11682June 22, 2021WeldingPart No. 747 is complete
11679June 21, 2021WeldingPart No. 2398 is complete
11678June 21, 2021WeldingPart No. 2397 is complete
11677June 21, 2021WeldingPart No. 2564 is complete
11676June 21, 2021WeldingPart No. 2556 is complete
11675June 21, 2021WeldingPart No. 2547 is complete
11674June 21, 2021WeldingPart No. 2399 is complete
11673June 21, 2021WeldingPart No. 2346 is complete
11672June 21, 2021WeldingPart No. 2296 is complete
11671June 21, 2021WeldingPart No. 2539 is complete
11670June 21, 2021WeldingPart No. 2563 is complete
11522June 11, 2021FormingComplete
11521June 11, 2021FormingComplete
11520June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 1941 is complete
11519June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 1940 is complete
11518June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 414 is complete
11517June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 308 is complete
11516June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 230 is complete
11515June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 617 is complete
11514June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 412 is complete
11513June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 371 is complete
11512June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 370 is complete
11506June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 2595 is complete
11505June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 1637 is complete
11504June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 1671 is complete
11503June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 609 is complete
11502June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 980 is complete
11501June 11, 2021FormingPart No. 981 is complete
11491June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 2300 is complete
11490June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 1540 is complete
11489June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 605 is complete
11488June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 2288 is complete
11487June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 373 is complete
11483June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 366 is complete
11482June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 374 is complete
11481June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 364 is complete
11480June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 354 is complete
11479June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 355 is complete
11478June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 375 is complete
11477June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 380 is complete
11476June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 2189 is complete
11475June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 613 is complete
11474June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 356 is complete
11473June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 2619 is complete
11472June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 307 is complete
11471June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 453 is complete
11470June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 2394 is complete
11469June 10, 2021FormingPart No. 2303 is complete
11434June 04, 2021Plasma
11433June 04, 2021Plasma
11432June 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 1940 is complete
11431June 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 1941 is complete
11430June 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 1735 is complete
11429June 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 782 is complete
11428June 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 1540 is complete
11427June 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 1736 is complete
11426June 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2300 is complete
11425June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 603 is complete
11424June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 778 is complete
11423June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 378 is complete
11419June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 374 is complete
11418June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 604 is complete
11417June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 337 is complete
11416June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 298 is complete
11415June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2595 is complete
11414June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 978 is complete
11413June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 1312 is complete
11412June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 1671 is complete
11411June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 1637 is complete
11410June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 609 is complete
11409June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 980 is complete
11408June 03, 2021PlasmaPart No. 981 is complete
11395June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 375 is complete
11394June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 388 is complete
11393June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 209 is complete
11392June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2771 is complete
11391June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2361 is complete
11390June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 366 is complete
11389June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 453 is complete
11388June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2297 is complete
11387June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2683 is complete
11386June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 605 is complete
11385June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 772 is complete
11384June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 771 is complete
11383June 02, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2770 is complete
11381June 01, 2021PlasmaPart No. 476 is complete
11380June 01, 2021PlasmaPart No. 307 is complete
11379June 01, 2021PlasmaPart No. 773 is complete
11378June 01, 2021PlasmaPart No. 613 is complete
11377June 01, 2021PlasmaPart No. 343 is complete
11376June 01, 2021PlasmaPart No. 367 is complete
11375June 01, 2021PlasmaPart No. 769 is complete
11374June 01, 2021PlasmaPart No. 770 is complete
11373June 01, 2021PlasmaPart No. 364 is complete
10993May 20, 2021BandSaw
10992May 20, 2021BandSaw
10991May 20, 2021BandsawPart No. 985 is complete
10990May 20, 2021BandsawPart No. 984 is complete
10988May 20, 2021BandsawPart No. 1673 is complete
10987May 20, 2021BandsawPart No. 1672 is complete
10986May 20, 2021BandsawPart No. 1265 is complete
10985May 20, 2021BandsawPart No. 982 is complete
10984May 20, 2021BandsawPart No. 983 is complete
10983May 20, 2021BandsawPart No. 303 is complete
10982May 20, 2021BandsawPart No. 2816 is complete
10981May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 384 is complete
10980May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 2817 is complete
10979May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 1536 is complete
10978May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 302 is complete
10974May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 121 is complete
10973May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 426 is complete
10969May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 363 is complete
10968May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 308 is complete
10967May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 336 is complete
10966May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 409 is complete
10965May 19, 2021BandsawPart No. 2481 is complete
10959May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 385 is complete
10958May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2619 is complete
10957May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 361 is complete
10956May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2394 is complete
10955May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2288 is complete
10954May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2299 is complete
10953May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2303 is complete
10952May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 373 is complete
10951May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 371 is complete
10950May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 322 is complete
10949May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 370 is complete
10948May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 390 is complete
10947May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 410 is complete
10946May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 781 is complete
10945May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 372 is complete
10944May 18, 2021PlasmaPart No. 622 is complete
10936May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 427 is complete
10935May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 339 is complete
10934May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 636 is complete
10933May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 418 is complete
10932May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 383 is complete
10931May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 357 is complete
10930May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 326 is complete
10929May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 292 is complete
10928May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 230 is complete
10927May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 970 is complete
10926May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 362 is complete
10925May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 379 is complete
10924May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 396 is complete
10923May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 207 is complete
10922May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 209 is complete
10921May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 353 is complete
10920May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 2465 is complete
10919May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 305 is complete
10918May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 306 is complete
10917May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 335 is complete
10916May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 2299 is complete
10915May 18, 2021BandsawPart No. 492 is complete